We respect and are committed to protecting your privacy

The Lantau Group's Privacy Policy

To help us maintain the quality of the services we offer, TLG collects and stores user information.

We normally retain contact details of those we meet in the normal course of our work, particularly if we have exchanged business cards.  In addition, our website and our presence on various social media websites may request your email address for the purpose of sending you TLG publications or other TLG information.  You have the option of ignoring these requests, of course.  Under no circumstances do we sell, rent, or give your email address to a third party for the purpose of that party sending you "spam mail" or otherwise using your email address in any way not directly associated with us providing our services to you.

TLG seeks to keep personal information up to-date, and you are always welcome to know, verify, delete, or correct personal information we might hold about you.

Under no circumstances does TLG disclose or share our contact database with other organisations for their use. An exception is where use or disclosure of personal information is required by law or is necessary in order to protect the rights and property of TLG.

Our privacy policy applies to all TLG activities, including this website. However, security on the internet is an increasingly fraught aspiration.  Computers connected to the Internet have domain names and identifying parameters such as the computer’s IP address.  Our website may use cookies or other similar mechanisms to tailoring of services or offerings based on your prior activity on our site.  These mechanisms reveal nothing personal about you other than the IP address from which you have accessed our website.  From time to time, we examine our traffic patterns to help us improve the website.  Our website does not record email addresses of visitors.






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